“Pinched nerve, frozen shoulder, lack of energy”

by Melkret

Yes, I have had all the above and like everyone, I usually felt a bit skeptical of acupuncture but I have overcome those doubts time and time again. I started coming to Yedam in the beginning for a very bad pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder. Dr. Chong told me that I should feel some relief by the time I left and I should be able to move my head. I was chuckled because I was in so much pain and didn’t believe him. Well within 20 minutes after my treatment…I was 70% better and the next day the pain was gone. I receive a jolt of energy along with the treatment which was great. I usually have been on low energy and it seems to kick me up a notch. I recently went to him for a frozen shoulder and again…I was in major pain and felt as though my head was going to explode from it traveling up into my neck and head. I was so relieved about an hour 1/2 after the treatment. Going from not being able to function to feeling that relief was huge.

I have become a firm believer and plan to head to my acupunturist when I don’t feel real great or have some issues with my body. I believe there is a lot that goes on with us when we are not in proper balance and Dr. Chong can help you get back to that balance. I thank him over and over and refer to him as MAGIC…