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by Eleanor M.

I have been suffering with my lower back pain and sciatica. Last year it became worst. I had 3 epidural injections that did not work (waste of money), they recommended open back surgery ( of course not). I had been going to a spa where they are supposed to have an acupressure massage and another injection from a spine center. In short, i found Dr. Chong thru the internet for acupuncture, he is very good. He also did an acupressure on my back, with that said, finally i found someone who does an acupressure right, very knowledgeable. I will be seeing him more often.

“Finally i found someone who does an acupressure right, very knowledgeable”

by Yohannes Makonnen

Dr. Chong & Christine (receptionist) have the best customer service. They are so sweet. Dr. Chong listens to his patients. I have brought my mother, husband and myself here. Will bring my brothers and my in laws here. My mother & I have gone to other acupuncturists and none other has been able to treat my mother but Dr. Chong is a miracle worker. He is awesome!

“Dr. Chong listens to his patients”

by greeneleafe123

Dr. Puramo Chong’s medical practice is of a high order of sophistication and effectiveness. His methodology aims to directly tackle the root cause of illness – the root cause is more often than not to be found in imbalances in the “constitution.” In my own case per Dr. Chong’s constitution analysis, an intolerance to cold proclivity exists, leading to digestive/stomach imbalances and/or a slew of other symptoms such as chronic fatigue. I must report that his easy to consume herbal medicine treatments have much improved my overall health and sense of well being and have addressed various symptoms including digestive and fatigue related chronic conditions. I would strongly urge suffering folks to do themselves a favor and commence the journey into the world of Korean traditional medicine with this wonderful physician.

“Yedam Well-Being Center !”

by pemapal

When you listen to good and honest people you get good and honest advice. In that regard I was doubly blessed. After having severe back pain where I couldn’t move, turn around or even sit in a car. A good friend of mine suggested that I go see Dr. Chong which was the first part of good advice that I received. So I called up and made up an appointment to see Dr. Chong. After two visits I was totally healed, pain free, laughing once again. And now, if anybody has similar problem I give them my honest and good advice and say go see Dr Chong.

“Superb Acupuncture”

by Jie Alex

I have a number of ailments that I have been dealing with for years. I’ve had tendonitis in both shoulders for approximately 3+ years, knee aches, mild to moderate psoriasis that comes and goes for about 10 years, lower back ache, headahes, etc.

From the advice of my sister and friends, I tried acupuncture. To date, I’ve had 6 total acupuncure treatments over 2 1/2 weeks, and I immediately felt results.

I felt decreased pain in my shoulders after the first treatment, and it continued to decrease with each visit. My backache went away after one of the treatments where the Doctor focused on that area. Most importantly, starting with my 3rd acupuncture treatment, the Doctor started treatment on the specific psoriasis areas, and it started to heal with visible results the following day. The Doctor even took pictures to show progress.

I am amazed at how effective this was, and I plan to schedule a few more visits and may start the herbal medicine treatment to prevent some of my issues from reoccurring.

Lastly, the Doctor and the staff are extremely friendly, and I felt very comfortable with them. I recommend this Doctor to anyone who has prolonged health issues that haven’t resolved with traditional medical treatment.

“Amazing & Quick Results!!!”

by Dorena

“How I won my battle against chronic sinusitis … without the use of habit forming drugs!”

I didn’t know what the outcome would be. I had gone to my doctor and he pre scribed a nasal spray, but after I had been taking it for while he told me that he didn’t want to prescribe it to me anymore. Well, the nasal sparay that is commonly prescribed for my type of Sinusitis is very habit forming. My doctor didn’t think he should keep prescribing it for me because of the likelyfood that I would become addicted. What I got from it is that there was no treatment available that would help me without using the spray or medicine that is addictive.

I didn’t have any energy at all. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I used to try prop myself up in a way where I could sleep sitting up. Bevause I sleep to lie flat, my sinuses would continually drain fluid, choking me. Sleep was impossible. Since I couldn’t eat or sleep I didn’t have any energy. I couldn’t go to workor anything. Normally I’am very energetic . I’m a dancer. I’ve danced ballet since I was a teenager. I still take lesson and practice three times a week.

Since my previous doctor had discontinued my treatment. I was left to basically treat myself. I was experimenting with OTC sinuss medication – trying one after another, just experimenting, really to see if something, anything would work. It was horr4ible, and I was getting desperate. I’d take one thing and my head would feel really funky – I don’t know the word to describe this. Anyway one day I was a sign that read herbs and acupuncture and just walked in hoping that I could find some relief.

This whole experience has worked out so well, I really feel like I was led here – if you know what I mean. After examinating me, Dr. Chong seemed to exactly what to do. For the first two weeks, I came in four days each week. Then three, then two, now IU’m down to once a week. Altogether it’s been ten weeks.

It’s been wonderful. No more symptoms; my life is back to normal. After the treatment I feel so relaxed and balanced. When I weas at myworst, I ‘d be propped up on pillows, barley able to breath and it reminded me of when I was a child and my grandmother passed away. I never want to feel that was again.

“How I won my battle against chronic sinusitis … without the use of habit forming drugs!”

by Krystina

I have been having headaches for a few years; in the last few month I have had them everyday. My visit at the doctor’s office and taking prescription / pharmaceutical medicines did not bring any results. I decided then to go to the Yedam Clinic. Dr. Puramo Chong. His acupuncture treatment and natural herbs helped me already after few days. My headaches were gone, and I could normally function during the day.

I thank you very much.

“Headache were gone!”

by Grace Choi

I used to have lower back pain for more than 6 years. Sitting still or standing up for a long time was a very hard challenge for me. However, my back pain improved so much after getting treatments from Dr.Chong.
I got my treatment once every two weeks. After my third treatment, I went back to Dr.Chong after three weeks for forth treatment and a month later for fifth and two and a half month later for my last treatment.
I could instantly feel the improvements after each treatments.
Now my lower back feels much smoother and my back doesn’t bother me when sitting still or standing up for a long time.

“I could instantly feel the improvements after each treatments. “

by Jessica Chung

I have been coming here since the year of 2014! My knee used to hurt, and a lower back pain. His treatment really works and worked. His advices and generosity help calm the visit 🙂 if you are looking for ways to get cure naturally from less medicine, recommend this place for sure!!

“His treatment really works and worked”

by Deborah Bey

This is a wonderful clinic. I no longer take pain pills for back pain after receiving treatment here. I recommend it to family and friends.

” I no longer take pain pills for back pain after receiving treatment here.”