“How I won my battle against chronic sinusitis … without the use of habit forming drugs!”

by Dorena

“How I won my battle against chronic sinusitis … without the use of habit forming drugs!”

I didn’t know what the outcome would be. I had gone to my doctor and he pre scribed a nasal spray, but after I had been taking it for while he told me that he didn’t want to prescribe it to me anymore. Well, the nasal sparay that is commonly prescribed for my type of Sinusitis is very habit forming. My doctor didn’t think he should keep prescribing it for me because of the likelyfood that I would become addicted. What I got from it is that there was no treatment available that would help me without using the spray or medicine that is addictive.

I didn’t have any energy at all. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I used to try prop myself up in a way where I could sleep sitting up. Bevause I sleep to lie flat, my sinuses would continually drain fluid, choking me. Sleep was impossible. Since I couldn’t eat or sleep I didn’t have any energy. I couldn’t go to workor anything. Normally I’am very energetic . I’m a dancer. I’ve danced ballet since I was a teenager. I still take lesson and practice three times a week.

Since my previous doctor had discontinued my treatment. I was left to basically treat myself. I was experimenting with OTC sinuss medication – trying one after another, just experimenting, really to see if something, anything would work. It was horr4ible, and I was getting desperate. I’d take one thing and my head would feel really funky – I don’t know the word to describe this. Anyway one day I was a sign that read herbs and acupuncture and just walked in hoping that I could find some relief.

This whole experience has worked out so well, I really feel like I was led here – if you know what I mean. After examinating me, Dr. Chong seemed to exactly what to do. For the first two weeks, I came in four days each week. Then three, then two, now IU’m down to once a week. Altogether it’s been ten weeks.

It’s been wonderful. No more symptoms; my life is back to normal. After the treatment I feel so relaxed and balanced. When I weas at myworst, I ‘d be propped up on pillows, barley able to breath and it reminded me of when I was a child and my grandmother passed away. I never want to feel that was again.