by David777

Here it goes… I have never believed or even thought something like this would work. I popped my back recently and I’ve done everything, but I had so much pain constantly. Then I read the “Top 50 exotic doctors in the world” and found Dr. Chong to be only a few miles away from me. I went there, with of course big skepticism, then there was an assistant who guided me to my room and in comes the infamous Dr. Chong. He first asks me specifically what bothers me and then he takes my wrist and starts to listen to my pulse. Incredibly, after he did that he knew things about me, kind of scary, but then he started the needle therapy, and at first I thought it would hurt, but it was no more then a quick pinch and sometimes you didn’t even feel it. Weird thing was I had a bad lower back where the pain shot down my left butt to my left leg, but he was applying needle therapy in my right knee and foot and hand, then after a while he told me start walking. OMG!!!…what a Miracle….that instant I felt 70-80% better….Unbelievable?…BELIEVE IT!!! Then he told me to come once more if the pain is still there the next morning and of course no pain the next morning… Everyone needs to try this!!!… there’s a reason why athletes all do it… and it is SO CHEAP!!! YEDAM IS THE BEST…THANK YOU YEDAM!!!