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by Marie K.

Dr. Chong is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and patient: all the necessary skill set that a good doctor would need. He explains the cause of your illness and tries to solve it together with the patient in a holistic way, in addition to the excellent treatment he provides. I had a chronic insomnia, and he was the only one who was able to treat and cure it.

“I had a chronic insomnia, and he was the only one who was able to treat and cure it.”

by Robert M.

I’m afraid of needles. So seeking out an acupuncturist wasn’t an easy choice for me since one bad experience could have turned me away for good. I ended up choosing Yedam for my acupuncture.
The receptionists (both of them) at the front desk are amazing and helpful. The place is very clean and has a good vibe to it. Dr. Chong is amazing and always has a wonderful attitude when you see him. He explains everything about the process as well as the goals of treatment. He cares about the patient and is very easy to talk to.
I’ve been going for 7 or 8 weeks now. If it didn’t work or sucked I definitely would have stopped after the first time.

” He explains everything about the process as well as the goals of treatment. He cares about the patient and is very easy to talk to.”

by Kyeong T.

I came here with my spouse who never experienced acupuncture. When we walked into the clinic, receptionists were very welcoming. We waited a few minutes and entered the therapy room. As we walked in, I could tell my husband was getting anxious until he spoke with Dr. Cheong! My husband was at ease once Dr. Cheong explained the differences between Western and Oriental practices and how it works. Needless to say, we loved our first experience at Yedam and can not wait to return. Thank you again!

“Needless to say, we loved our first experience at Yedam and can not wait to return.”

by Vilayphon P.

I had lower back problems for many years. I’ve been gone to emergency and urgent care, but none of their treatments help. Since I started my 3rd treatments with Dr. Chong all my lower back pain is gone. Dr. Chong literally saved my back pains. I referred to my Dad who is 76-years-old. He’s not a fan of acupuncture. After one treatment for his knee. He felt great and love it! He’s definitely going back for other treatments. I really appreciate it Dr. Chong for what he have done to me and my family. I highly recommended.

“Since I started my 3rd treatments with Dr. Chong all my lower back pain is gone. Dr. Chong literally saved my back pains.”

by Lex L.

Dr. Chong is the best acupuncturist in NoVa hands down. I have been to many Korean and Chinese acupuncturists in my lifetime including the ones in Annandale. He spends time explaining your illnesses and the causes behind them. He has great bedside manners, is always smiling and is extremely empathetic, understanding & compassionate.

I have had acupuncture done here myself for my back pain by Dr. Chong- awesome! I have also been taking my elderly mother here and he has been the only one to make a difference in her health. She has bouts of dizziness, back pain and neuropathy in both of her legs and feet which are extremely painful. Dr. Chong has changed her quality of life. I bought 10 prepaid sessions and more for my motger

We have tried other Korean acupuncturists in Annandale but Dr. Chong is light years ahead of the rest although his birth age is younger than the others. He is a 3rd generation acupuncturist.

Dr. Chong is always busy with patients that are Korean, American and many other nationalities as he is bilingual. Even though his schedule is usually fully committed, the receptionists will always squeeze you in. Front desk team is always sweet, courteous and very helpful.

If you want the best acupuncturist for your pain or illnesses, you should definitely come here!

“Dr. Chong is the best acupuncturist in NoVa hands down”

by Eleanor M.

I have been suffering with my lower back pain and sciatica. Last year it became worst. I had 3 epidural injections that did not work (waste of money), they recommended open back surgery ( of course not). I had been going to a spa where they are supposed to have an acupressure massage and another injection from a spine center. In short, i found Dr. Chong thru the internet for acupuncture, he is very good. He also did an acupressure on my back, with that said, finally i found someone who does an acupressure right, very knowledgeable. I will be seeing him more often.

“Finally i found someone who does an acupressure right, very knowledgeable”

by Yohannes Makonnen

Dr. Chong & Christine (receptionist) have the best customer service. They are so sweet. Dr. Chong listens to his patients. I have brought my mother, husband and myself here. Will bring my brothers and my in laws here. My mother & I have gone to other acupuncturists and none other has been able to treat my mother but Dr. Chong is a miracle worker. He is awesome!

“Dr. Chong listens to his patients”

by greeneleafe123

Dr. Puramo Chong’s medical practice is of a high order of sophistication and effectiveness. His methodology aims to directly tackle the root cause of illness – the root cause is more often than not to be found in imbalances in the “constitution.” In my own case per Dr. Chong’s constitution analysis, an intolerance to cold proclivity exists, leading to digestive/stomach imbalances and/or a slew of other symptoms such as chronic fatigue. I must report that his easy to consume herbal medicine treatments have much improved my overall health and sense of well being and have addressed various symptoms including digestive and fatigue related chronic conditions. I would strongly urge suffering folks to do themselves a favor and commence the journey into the world of Korean traditional medicine with this wonderful physician.

“Yedam Well-Being Center !”

by pemapal

When you listen to good and honest people you get good and honest advice. In that regard I was doubly blessed. After having severe back pain where I couldn’t move, turn around or even sit in a car. A good friend of mine suggested that I go see Dr. Chong which was the first part of good advice that I received. So I called up and made up an appointment to see Dr. Chong. After two visits I was totally healed, pain free, laughing once again. And now, if anybody has similar problem I give them my honest and good advice and say go see Dr Chong.

“Superb Acupuncture”

by Jie Alex

I have a number of ailments that I have been dealing with for years. I’ve had tendonitis in both shoulders for approximately 3+ years, knee aches, mild to moderate psoriasis that comes and goes for about 10 years, lower back ache, headahes, etc.

From the advice of my sister and friends, I tried acupuncture. To date, I’ve had 6 total acupuncure treatments over 2 1/2 weeks, and I immediately felt results.

I felt decreased pain in my shoulders after the first treatment, and it continued to decrease with each visit. My backache went away after one of the treatments where the Doctor focused on that area. Most importantly, starting with my 3rd acupuncture treatment, the Doctor started treatment on the specific psoriasis areas, and it started to heal with visible results the following day. The Doctor even took pictures to show progress.

I am amazed at how effective this was, and I plan to schedule a few more visits and may start the herbal medicine treatment to prevent some of my issues from reoccurring.

Lastly, the Doctor and the staff are extremely friendly, and I felt very comfortable with them. I recommend this Doctor to anyone who has prolonged health issues that haven’t resolved with traditional medical treatment.

“Amazing & Quick Results!!!”