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Experience the joy of health.

With a deep understanding of Oriental Medicine (both in terms of knowledge and experience) that has been passed over 3 generations,  Yedam Well Being Center will help you regain the balance and reach optimal health.

You will feel better, look better, and have a stronger body and spirit.


Our treatment is based on the Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine, which classifies human beings into four types of constitutions and presents custom-made and personalized treatments and medications according to the different constitution of an individual.

Thus, you would not be treated in the same way as others either at Yedam!

Every treatment is customized and tailored just for your body and your specific needs.

by Rebecca F.

I found this place on Yelp! go figure, lol. I was researching to find a good place to get acupuncture because I was in a lot of pain and the place I normally went to suddenly changed. So I called Yedam on a Saturday and they were able to see me in a couple of hours. The receptionist was very kind and helpful, and when I arrived I immediately felt a vibe of serenity (you could smell all the healing herbs). But the best part about my visit was Dr. Chong. What an incredibly kind person he is. This was my first experience with Korean method acupuncture and he really took his time during the acupuncture and very thoroughly explained everything to me. He knew I was in a lot of pain so he made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. The care and compassionate he showed me was amazing! AH-MA-ZING!!!!! I have already told several friends to come try this place. Added bonus – there is a special coupon on Yelp so you can save some $$$. IMOP no need to try anywhere else -this place is GOLDEN. 🙂

“The care and compassionate he showed me was amazing! “

by Jessica Chung

I have been coming here since the year of 2014! My knee used to hurt, and a lower back pain. His treatment really works and worked. His advices and generosity help calm the visit 🙂 if you are looking for ways to get cure naturally from less medicine, recommend this place for sure!!

“His treatment really works and worked”