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With deep understanding of Oriental Medicine (both in terms of knowledge and experience) that has been passed over 3 generations,  Yedam Well Being Center will help you regain the balance and reach optimal health.

You will feel better, look better, and have a stronger body and spirit.

Our treatment is based on the Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine, which classifies human beings into four types of constitutions and presents custom-made and personalized treatments and medications according to different constitution of an individual.

Thus, you would not treated in the same way as others either at Yedam!

Every treatment is customized and tailored just for your body and your specific needs.

by Daniel K.

I was always a little skeptical about getting acupuncture but my mother, who is a second generation korean, has done it many times before and said it works very well with relieving pain and inflammation. I sprained my ankle from a skateboarding injury so I decided to give yedam well being center a try. I called in and scheduled an appointment. As I made my way into the office, my ankle had already been sprained for about 2 days. Keep in mind the range of motion in my foot was about 40% there and very painful to walk on. After a 5 minute wait in their waiting room, I was called in. Doctor Hoyoon Chong examined my ankle and asked me a few questions and then I laid down on their medical bed. He began the acupuncture which to my surprise, was not as painful as I expected. Sure, it felt like a slight prick but nothing that was too overwhelming. I laid down with the needles in me for about 25 minutes. Within that time I fell asleep, the acupuncture seemed to have put me at a very relaxed state. When the doctor came back in he carefully took each needle out and asked me to stand up. I was still skeptical at this point because I was not sure if it would hurt to stand on my ankle. But yet again to my surprise, the pain on my ankle was about 75% gone. Range of motion in my foot was 75% there! I was amazed. This was definitely a pleasant experience for me.

Well, I left feeling very happy and walked normally to my car. Although there was still some pain left, it was bearable to walk on. I highly suggest trying this place out if you are interested in alternative ways of healing injuries. This doctor is amazing at acupuncture and quickened the healing process of my sprained ankle. Forever thankful!

” This doctor is amazing at acupuncture and quickened the healing process of my sprained ankle.”

by sunhan226

I have been having headaches for a few years; in the last few months I have had them every day. My visit at the doctor’s office and taking presciption / pharmaceutical medicines did not bring any results. I decided then to go to the Yedam Herbs & Acupuncture. Dr. Puramo Chong acupuncture and taking by mouth natural herbs helped me already after few days. My headaches were gone, and I could normally function during the day.

“Best Acupuncture anywhere”