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Experience the joy of health.

With deep understanding of Oriental Medicine (both in terms of knowledge and experience) that has been passed over 3 generations,  Yedam Well Being Center will help you regain the balance and reach optimal health.

You will feel better, look better, and have a stronger body and spirit.

Our treatment is based on the Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine, which classifies human beings into four types of constitutions and presents custom-made and personalized treatments and medications according to different constitution of an individual.

Thus, you would not treated in the same way as others either at Yedam!

Every treatment is customized and tailored just for your body and your specific needs.

by Lex L.

Dr. Chong is the best acupuncturist in NoVa hands down. I have been to many Korean and Chinese acupuncturists in my lifetime including the ones in Annandale. He spends time explaining your illnesses and the causes behind them. He has great bedside manners, is always smiling and is extremely empathetic, understanding & compassionate.

I have had acupuncture done here myself for my back pain by Dr. Chong- awesome! I have also been taking my elderly mother here and he has been the only one to make a difference in her health. She has bouts of dizziness, back pain and neuropathy in both of her legs and feet which are extremely painful. Dr. Chong has changed her quality of life. I bought 10 prepaid sessions and more for my motger

We have tried other Korean acupuncturists in Annandale but Dr. Chong is light years ahead of the rest although his birth age is younger than the others. He is a 3rd generation acupuncturist.

Dr. Chong is always busy with patients that are Korean, American and many other nationalities as he is bilingual. Even though his schedule is usually fully committed, the receptionists will always squeeze you in. Front desk team is always sweet, courteous and very helpful.

If you want the best acupuncturist for your pain or illnesses, you should definitely come here!

“Dr. Chong is the best acupuncturist in NoVa hands down”

by JL25

After suffering from sinus infection for three years and migraines for fifteen years, and not getting any help from my family physician besides over-the-counter-pills, I decided to turn to an alternative medicine for help. After taking the medicine and attending acupuncture sessions twice a week, I felt considerable relief, especially from my sinus problems. The headaches that I have experienced almost daily went away and the pressure around the eyes that I have constantly felt, also dissipated. In addition, I feel as though I have an increase in the energy level, but most importantly I stopped taking over-the-counter medications, which are detrimental to ones’s liver and kidneys. I believe that I have definitely received a very personalized and individualized treatment, which focused specifically on my problems. For example, the Doctor carefully gathered my history before beginning any kind of treatment and ensured to check in on my condition consistently throughout the treatment process. I couldn’t be more grateful for getting the relief that I was searching for years and I highly recommend Yedam Acupuncture as I believe it will most certainly improve your health. Lastly, I want to mention that believing that something will work plays a huge role in the process. Being of an European descent, we often tend to worship traditional medicine and disregard other methods of treatment. However, when we reach the point when traditional medicine is not being effective, it definitely helps to look outside the box, and in my case, find something really great. A cure for my suffering.

“Best Acupuncture Treatment”