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Experience the joy of health.

With a deep understanding of Oriental Medicine (both in terms of knowledge and experience) that has been passed over 3 generations,  Yedam Well Being Center will help you regain the balance and reach optimal health.

You will feel better, look better, and have a stronger body and spirit.


Our treatment is based on the Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine, which classifies human beings into four types of constitutions and presents custom-made and personalized treatments and medications according to the different constitution of an individual.

Thus, you would not be treated in the same way as others either at Yedam!

Every treatment is customized and tailored just for your body and your specific needs.

by Krystina

I have been having headaches for a few years; in the last few month I have had them everyday. My visit at the doctor’s office and taking prescription / pharmaceutical medicines did not bring any results. I decided then to go to the Yedam Clinic. Dr. Puramo Chong. His acupuncture treatment and natural herbs helped me already after few days. My headaches were gone, and I could normally function during the day.

I thank you very much.

“Headache were gone!”

by Grace Choi

I used to have lower back pain for more than 6 years. Sitting still or standing up for a long time was a very hard challenge for me. However, my back pain improved so much after getting treatments from Dr.Chong.
I got my treatment once every two weeks. After my third treatment, I went back to Dr.Chong after three weeks for forth treatment and a month later for fifth and two and a half month later for my last treatment.
I could instantly feel the improvements after each treatments.
Now my lower back feels much smoother and my back doesn’t bother me when sitting still or standing up for a long time.

“I could instantly feel the improvements after each treatments. “